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Is your team lacking in motivation, commitment and confidence?
Are they hitting their targets? Are they under-performing?   Are they de-motivated?
Do they lack enthusiasm and the desire to succeed?
Is their attitude stopping them from hitting their targets?   Attitude is key to success.
Would you like your team to have more courage, be more persistent, and have that never give up attitude?

All business and organisations perform to a higher standard by developing staff that are highly motivated. The skills, determination to succeed and above all motivation are all part of my Inspirational and Motivational presentation. Motivated staff are, more than ever, going to be crucial to a companies growth and long term objectives, especially in these challenging business times.

“Billy is an exceptional speaker, he speaks from his heart.  His passion is so real, his willpower so strong, and his mindfulness so good, that he is quite simply a man to be with”       Soren Hesner – NSA Nordic

I am an expert in inspiring people to self-motivate. I share my own experiences and challenges and show how it is possible to strive for bigger and better goals whether these are business or personal goals. I specialise in working with sales teams, using my success model to help people increase performance, get results and enable them to sustain their own motivation

Your staff will benefit by:

• Become a part of a stronger, more highly motivated team
• Managing self-limiting beliefs
• Empower themselves as individuals to achieve success
• Improving the way setbacks are managed
• Thrive in challenging situations
• Viewing change positively

Your company will benefit by:

• Greater customer satisfaction through dealing with enthusiastic staff members
• Increased productive workplace
• Staff involved in future planning and initiatives

As a former British, Commonwealth, European, and World Champion having reached a world class level in one of the toughest, gruelling and demanding sport there is Professional Boxing I know what it takes to get to the top. Having failed three times but eventually winning a world title on my fourth attempt, I truly know the meaning of persistence.

How to get your Team Punching above their Weight

motivational & corporate speaker - Billy Schwer

Win Lose you Choose

As a professional fighter, I had to overcome fear on many occasions and the knock on effect of fear can lead to a negative attitude and a lack of confidence and this has a direct effect on performance.

Your team will discover “Mental Boxing” This is all about being on guard against the attitudes, habits and conditioning that hold people back.

Mental Boxing is about connecting with what you really want and finding the drive and discipline to bring it into your life.  Mental Boxing is about being a winner – first in your mind, then out there in the world

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