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    The words ‘Mental’ and ‘Boxing’ came together on a very stressful afternoon when I was in the midst of a depressive episode.

    I knew others were suffering like me and I wanted to find an answer, a solution for all of us.

    How could I win the mental boxing match that I was having with the voice in my head? It was giving me a good hiding and beating the shit out of me.

    Having been a fighter – a winner – all my life (I’m a former world boxing champion, just in case you didn’t know), I was used to fighting, but this fight that I was having was a different kind of fight altogether and one that I was losing, badly. I was getting close to being knocked out… for good.

    Since those dark days (the lost years) I’ve been on a journey of discovery about what it takes to win this fight, to win at this thing called life – and I’m really happy to say I’ve figured something out and I’m happier, more fulfilled and satisfied with my life now than ever before.

    I wish the same for you and this is how I came up with the idea of Mental Boxing.

    So, if you want to know the answer, keep an eye out for my book and training program.

    As they say in the fight game, ‘Let’s get it on!’

    I want you punching above your weight, winning more often, experiencing more success and looking great while you’re at it (check out the apparel page)!

    What is Mental Boxing?

    Mental Boxing is an educational concept, Inspiring and Empowering people to live with Passion Power & Purpose.

    Boxing is commonly known as ‘the noble art’ and ‘the sweet science’. My philosophy is that by mastering the art and science of Mental Boxing.

    You will unlock and unleash your full potential, guiding you through life’s internal battles so that you are more effective, more often, and experience more success.

    Every Human Interaction has an element of Mental Boxing.

    Mental Boxing with yourself…

    Having a mental boxing match with that voice in your head:

    The internal dialogue, ‘Can I, can’t I?’, ‘Should I, shouldn’t I?’, ‘What if…?’, ‘Is it really possible?, ’Am I good enough?’

    Mental Boxing with others…

    Trying to outmaneuver, out think, out language, dominate and be right.

    Always looking for the angle, focusing on what to say next, not listening…

    Mental Boxing in relationships…

    Have you ever had a disagreement or an argument with a partner?

    Who wins?

    Boxing is a great metaphor for life. Become the Champion of your World with Mental Boxing as your guidance.

    WO Dan Kelso – Big thanks to Billy, just what the troops needed. WO Army Bob Toony – Just what we need, a true gentleman PT Jaco Van Gass – Really great a fantastic speaker

    Sports announcer John McDonald – I knew he was good, just not that good. Well, everybody here at Headley Court had a wonderful time so on behalf of all the troops thank you very much for coming.

    Headley Court Rehab, Hospital

    My names Andy Dixon and I’m the Managing Director of Q8 Oils in the UK. This is our annual sales conference and we just had Billy Schwer in, who has presented his Seven Principles. They are very applicable to business.

    They have people look at where they are in life. How to Win, and I think using the principles will benefit our salespeople and our customers and I think it presents a real opportunity for people to improve themselves and really look at where they are going in life.. I’d highly recommended Billy and his Seven Principles..

    Andy Dixon, Q8 Oils

    Billy’s Track Record