Billy Schwer – Video Testimonial

WO Dan Kelso – Big thanks to Billy, just what the troops needed. WO Army Bob Toony – Just what we need, a true gentleman PT Jaco Van Gass – Really great a fantastic speaker

Sports announcer John McDonald – I knew he was good, just not that good. Well, everybody here at Headley Court had a wonderful time so on behalf of all the troops thank you very much for coming.

Headley Court Rehab Hospital

My names Andy Dixon and I’m the Managing Director of Q8 Oils in the UK. This is our annual sales conference and we just had Billy Schwer in, who has presented his Seven Principles. They are very applicable to business. They have people look at where they are in life.

How to Win, and I think using the principles will benefit our salespeople and our customers and I think it presents a real opportunity for people to improve themselves and really look at where they are going in life. I’d highly recommended Billy and his Seven Principles.

Q8 Oils – Andy Dixon Managing Director

Hello, my name is Nick Rapley and I am the MD of Incisive Media. We have just had a session with Billy Schwer, who came in to talk to our events team, about Mental Boxing.

Got to say absolutely fantastic, brilliant presentation, and I know now that our events team will be looking to use him at future conferences where ever we possibly can. Really superb presentation really motivational. Get out there and do it.

Incisive Media – Nick Rapley MD

So I have just come out of Billy’s speech and it was one of the best things that I have ever heard. So many things are in my head, but basically, the 3D’s, so if you want to desire, you are not going to get it without the dedication and the discipline. Neil Fox from magic here I just want to say thank you very much indeed for a very inspirational chat today.

Its fascinating cos we are here doing magic stuff, but outside what I do at magic, I’m going through some interesting times at the moment with making a film and doing some stuff, it’s an interesting point in my life. So it was really good to have the session in here today, little bits, I always love hearing when sportsmen or anyone actually, achieve their dream and goes beyond the odds.

Magic FM – Steve Parkinson MD & Neil Fox

I’m Michael Yellop, the Development Director of Anglian Home Improvement. Billy has just done an Inspirational and motivational talk for us which has motivated a hundred and fifty people I’ve never seen our people so motivated and inspired and willing to work.

The principles in his book are for every single business there is and probably one of the most Inspirational Speakers we have ever had.

Anglian Home Improvements – Michael Yellop

Hiya my names Caz, just had Billy do a fantastic presentation on confidence and motivation and his 7 principles. I think the whole room found it extremely useful moving forward in sales. There are so many links that Billy bought from his boxing career and the training he has done into what we do out on the forefront of sales and marketing.

So definitely everybody in the room has benefited from it today. I would most definitely recommend Billy to anybody looking to gain some experience and take some motivation away from someone who is as inspirational as him.

Anglian Home Improvement – Caz

I’m Graham McMullen, I’m the CEO and owner of Admiral Group We’ve just had Billy speak at our sales conference. Very impressed with it some very good points that make you think.

Frustrating thing for people like me that own businesses with sales people is that to get them going get them to think a little bit out the box you know sometimes you launch things to them but they don’t have the vision, the insight, the desire to want to the make the extra money, but if you go the other way and try and take it out of their pocket they get upset with you.

So it’s a case of keep doing these types of things to get them motivated. We really appreciate Billy and he did a good job for us tonight, so thank you very much.

Graham McMullen Admiral Group

Hi, I’m Lyn Mills Sale Director for Bellway Homes South East Division. We have just had an excellent presentation by Billy to the sales teams who have had a thoroughly enjoyable time and I can thoroughly recommend it. Good fun. Very decisive and to the point and very encouraging to my staff.

Thank you, Billy….. Hi my name is Carol and I work with Bellway and I’ve just heard Billy speaking, and he is incredibly positive, I think are a very positive team but he is making us real winners from listening to his speech.

So thanks a lot, Billy….. Hi I am the production director or Bellway Homes Done seminar today with site managers, we need to make some improvements and we needed someone who could give us a motivational spin, I asked Billy to come along To really lift the spirits of the lads and show them what it’s like to be knocked down and pick yourself up again. Really worthwhile and thanks for coming along Billy…..

Lyn Mills Sale Director Bellway Homes

Hi I have just witness Billy in action and to be perfectly honest and he was quite inspiring, it was quite a surprise, It’s really interesting to see someone speak who is so passionate about all aspects of his life. In terms of things that affect me, I realise that I am in a happy space and perhaps I don’t really push myself to my goals or my desires…….. I have just been involved with Billy Schwer at an Inspiration meet, it’s been very inspirational.

It’s very interesting to see someone who has gone through so many highs and lows and how they bounce back and what they need. Obviously, the 3D’s in terms of the Mental Boxing has come through, and just the focus people give. I think its something we can all take on, something we can use in our lives, something we can be very focused on, reaching your goals and striving for excellence………

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