How to Stay Motivated with Billy Schwer

Do you have a team that needs motivating into achieving success?

Are you struggling to break through a barrier that’s holding you back?

Billy Schwer’s Mental Boxing is here to help!

Billy Schwer is a champion boxer who holds British, Commonwealth, European and IBO World Boxing Titles under his belt. So, what’s the secret to his success?

Even with 20 years of experience of being at the top of his game, he understands and has been through many setbacks and struggles including divorce, bankruptcy and depression throughout his career and in his retirement.

Billy Schwer knows all too well on how to survive and thrive and has now become a public speaker who shares his powerful and inspiring messages to individuals, groups and organisations.

In his public speaking event, he takes you on a journey exploring the crisis to success, radically transforming peoples mindsets, shifting a companies performance, results and impacting the bottom line.

His charismatic attitude can not only motive any audience but can also entertain and inspire those to get into the positive outlook to achieve the results they need.

Schwer can show you how to take your performance to the next level and encourage you to push your own boundaries to produce extraordinary results. After all its all in your mind, create the right psychology,and you will push yourself to achieve the best.

The author of Mental Boxing expresses what he learnt into seven simple principles.

These steps he has tried, tested and proven real-world answers to business challenges, and shares these with you in his transformational presentation.

To give you an idea of what to expect from Billy Schwer’s presentation, take a look at how you or your business could benefit from learning the following:

  • Win or Lose, YOU Choose: How to ignite results and create incredible turnarounds
  • KO Fear: The hidden blocks which stunt personal and business growth
  • Fight for What YOU Want: Giving up is not an option
  • You are Only as Good as YOUR Next Fight: Gathering up the past to create a more powerful future as painlessly as possible
  • Jab and Move: Be powerful and effective in an ever-changing environment
  • Take it on the Chin: What to do if things go wrong to create a turnaround
  • Box Clever: The process of synergy for maximum results in minimum time

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Talking about his career, Billy Schwer says ‘having reached a world-class level in one of the toughest, gruelling and demanding sport there is, Professional Boxing, I know what it takes to get to the top. Having failed three times but eventually winning a world title on my fourth attempt, I truly know the meaning of persistence.’

With that said, think about how you or your business can achieve your dreams and accomplishmuch bigger things.

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